Dressing Doggy Up For Halloween

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If you have never owned a pet, the idea of dressing up a dog in a Halloween costume definitely sounds a little silly.
After all, it’s not like Fido is going to go around asking for candy, right? To some, it may seem like a childish obsession to need to dress the family pet up like you would a person, to others just another way that the big companies of corporate America have decided to try and squeeze a few extra bucks out of patrons this Halloween season. For others, however, there is a certain charm to family pets being dressed up in celebration of the holiday.

Icebreakers and attention getters

As any kid can tell you, dogs are a great way to get to know people. Especially ones dressed in costumes. With the exception of the few people who might be afraid of dogs, many love to come up and say hello and offer a pat to a dog that they see on the street.

Of course, every kid out trick or treating has one goal – get as much candy as you can. Having a dog in a costume is a great way to do that. The houses that you visit will love the cuteness factor of the whole get up. Plus, it is sure to inspire some conversation, and the friendlier you are to people the more likely you are to receive candy in return. Get a dog costume that matches your own for extra cute points.

Protection and safety

A loyal family pet is going to look out for its family. So even though it is a good idea for mom and dad to come along while trick or treating, a dog is an extra bit of protection for your child should he or she get lost. Even a small dog will bark at something that is amiss, and larger dogs have the whole intimidation factor. Many children are also more careful about crossing streets when they are with a family pet.

Choosing a costume

There are a wide variety of costumes for dogs. Consider one that coordinates with your child’s costume. As with costumes for any member of your family, you will want to be sure that it fits properly. Avoid any with long hems that could cause your dog to trip while walking. You will also want to make sure that wearing the costume will not interfere with attaching a leash. A few dry runs of walking around the neighborhood with costume on may be required to get your dog accustomed to wearing it.

If your child is going to be the one walking the dog, make sure that they are able to control it. You do not want your beloved family pet running off into the night. Also consider your dog’s personality – very aggressive or very fearful dogs are not going to enjoy going out with all of the ruckus going on. And of course, be the responsible pet owner and always clean up after your pet.

Choosing a doggy Halloween costume can add even more fun to the holiday by allowing your family pet to join in.

Get Ready For Halloween Today!

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Halloween is one holiday that most children really enjoy, but too many parents get stressed out over it.
Some simple planning though will help you get ready for it instead of dreading it. Costumes are always an issue for children and they should have some say in what they get to wear. Put a dollar amount limit on it if they want to have a costume purchased instead of made.

All costumes should be tried on so you know they are going to be a good fit for your children. Too many accidents happen due to eye holes not lining up correctly and them tripping over the bottom of it. Take care of these issues before Halloween so that they can just slip it on that night and go out.

Make sure you explain Halloween safety to your children before the big night. This way they will pay attention because they won’t be overly excited. Try it out during dinner the week of Halloween to ensure it is fresh in their minds. Explain they need to use sidewalks and never dart between cars to cross the street. This should only be done at the crosswalks. It is a good idea to give each child a flashlight or a glow stick so they are easier to notice. They also need to refrain from eating any candy that they get until an adult has carefully inspected it.

It is easy to serve up a fun and scary Halloween meal without too much effort. Since you know the little ghosts and witches will be eating plenty of candy in the days to come you can be proud to serve them something healthy as well. For just a couple of dollars you can purchase brain Jell-o molds. Mix up a meat loaf and let it sit over night in the refrigerator. These molds are made from plastic so you can’t bake in them but the design will become indented in the meat as it sits overnight.

Serve up plain white rice or even broccoli rice with the meatloaf on a plate as brains and maggots. Your children will really enjoy eating them and this doesn’t take very much effort to complete either. You can also make a delightful and delicious punch to serve with it. The night before fill up rubber gloves with water and tie the ends shut. Make sure you separate the fingers as you place them in the freezer.

In a punch bowl mix black cherry juice with a two liter of 7-Up. Place the hands into the mixture for icy hands that are very real looking. To make the punch even for Halloweenish, add some scoops of rainbow sherbet to it.

Getting ready for Halloween doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming so have fun with it. This is a holiday that people of all ages can enjoy. Start making your plans for it today so that everyone can have a good time without worrying about last minute details.

Add Fun to Any Party With Elmo Birthday Celebration Supplies

Begin your birthday celebration planning efforts off the best means with Elmo from Sesame Street. With Elmo 1st birthday celebration supplies you do not need to work too difficult to put everything together. Miss Noodle and goldfish Dorothy are prepared to assist any means they can … . No have to stress over revealing the celebration. Just let the Elmo Personalized Banner do it for you. When Elmo provides a cheerful shout (in words you select yourself) everybody will know it’s time to start the celebration! It’s 61″ broad by 18″ high, so nobody will certainly miss this banner. Just hang it up with the metal grommets and you won’t need to fret about a storm outside or inside your house from all those rumbling children.

. You bore in mind to send out the Elmo invitations, right? With his cheerful face on the cover the kids will certainly be yanking at a parent’s arm to obtain to the celebration on time. All the visitors are arriving now. As they enter, let the Elmo Airwalker Jumbo Balloon greet them as a half-dozen Elmo Mylar balloons float near the ceiling.

. Don’t stress over the guests being overexcited, though. You’ll find it easy to obtain everyone to sit down if you place a Pleased Birthday Coloring Book alongside the Elmo Hooray! plate and Yippee! cup. Get ready for the usual spills and liven up the table at the same time with an Elmo tablecloth. You’ll be really well covered.

. Serve the birthday cake in an Elmo Cake Pan and enjoy their eyes grow big as his smiling face appears after each piece is served. However ensure they have an Elmo Party Hat because it simply would not be a birthday event otherwise.

. Now it’s time for the Elmo Pinata! This 21″ high pleasure will hold a lots of compact toys and sweets for all the partygoers. Let the birthday boy or woman pull the string and watch all the goodies come cascading down to squeals of pleasure. Nobody will need to state ask “Elmo have a concern. Where more goodies?”

. If you have any question about the best ways to thank the parents and visitors, your problem is solved. Just order a few Elmo Favor Boxes and say “Thanks For Coming” in the nicest way. There are a lot of crayons to make use of with the included coloring book. The Elmo stickers will certainly keep the kids amused, too. Look out for that radiance round, however. You never understand where that is going to end up …

. Send out everyone house in a delighted mood with a little keepsake by handing out lots of Elmo Finger Puppets. The children will be talking like Elmo all the means house from the finest birthday celebration ever!

. You can make your birthday celebration arrangements smooth as Kermit’s skin. Simply make use of Elmo materials. Make sure to conserve some cookies from the Cookie Beast for yourself, though.


Browsing for a wide option of birthday style concepts and matching kids birthday materials? Look no additional! Find elmo birthday celebration products and other themed party materials at kidzbirthdaysupplies.com.

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Halloween Pregnancy Ideas

The minute you begin your pregnancy everything is changing, your body, your clothes sizes, even your looks. But that doesn’t mean you have to skip out on your favorite holidays, like Halloween. Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t dress up. Whether you are buying your costume or making them yourself, you can have fun. There are many costumes you can buy for couples or just for yourself. The Pregnancy couple may want to go as a baker and an oven, or an egg and bacon bit. Both outfits are really cute and creative, you can even make them at home if you chose too.

If you want to get really creative you can make your own costumes, here are a few costumes that you can make just using your belly and normal clothes are:

The eyeball- This is something my husband created, all you need is a little facial paint and black clothes. This is something even a person that can’t draw can have a little bit of fun with. Wear all black clothes on Halloween and paint your belly white, make the center of the eye whatever color you desire and don’t forget the red veins. Make it scary or cute, whatever fits your desire. Have a bit of fun and show off that tummy by keeping the shirt up or wear a shirt that shows your tummy. My husband got a kick out of this one and was so excited that he got to do the artwork.

If you want to dress up completely but not stand out, try going as a human pumpkin. Wear a tiny green cap or make one out of felt and all orange, if you can cut a slit in your shirt for your belly to stick out. Now, paint it orange and decorate your pumpkin.

A pea is another simple costume you can make and stay warm. Go find some green jeans or sweats and a green sweatshirt. Keep the shirt up or cut a hole in it to make your little pod stick out and paint it all green.

If you aren’t feeling up to having a full body costume, you could always just paint the belly and proudly show it off. After all, how often will you be pregnant? Think of anything that is round: basketball, volleyball, soccer ball, a bowling ball, etc

Don’t forget witches were mothers too, so if you’ve always dressed as a witch for Halloween you don’t have to stop the tradition. This year go as a pregnant witch or maybe a witch holding a pumpkin. Use that belly!

A Bun in the oven- Get a medium or small box, cut it out so that you can wear it over your shoulders. Make room for your head to slide through. Decorate it with paints like an oven. Cut open the front of the box so that it will open and close. On the outside of the box write, “Bun in the Oven.” Paint your belly a light beige for all to see the little baby bun.

Pregnant Skeletal system Iron-on Do It Yourself

Pregnant Skeleton Iron-on DIY

  • Quick and easy iron-on application using a household iron
  • Fun DIY Halloween costume or pregnancy announcement
  • Detailed application instructions available
  • One size fits most shirts; Ribs 11"W x 8"H, Baby 8"W x 5"H
  • Add matching arm & leg bones: http://amzn.to/1egq5U4
Baby's just chillin'! Here's a fun way to announce your pregnancy or show off your baby bump any day of the week, but especially during the Halloween season. Don't settle for a giant pre-made pregnancy shirt that hangs like a tent. Select your own nice fitting cotton, polyester or cotton/poly blend shirt that flatters your fabulous pregnant body. Simple iron-on application is quick and easy to DIY, even if you're not usually a crafty person! If you can use a household iron, you can make this shi

Price: $ 18.00

A guide to fancy dress wigs and look like a star

Many of the fancy dress wigs on the market offer value for money and include wigs for period fancy dress costumes and can transform you instantly.
A wig made from synthetic hair is also sensitive to heat and can be easily make your head hot .

They really are such a fun way of changing your persona. Fancy dress parties are popular all year round in both Scotland and England and with so many different colours, styles and themes all you require is your imagination.

Some of the most popular wigs are some great bride of Frankenstein wigs which stand very tall on the head. Fancy dress costumes from the 60s vintage plus 70s retro clothing and wigs are still very popular. Older classics like the Bishops and other clergy wear fancy dress, judges wear wigs etc are still popular at parties. Fancy dress wigs have the power to transform the mundane into something attractive, or, if you wish, they can do just.

Why people still buy wigs?
Wigs for fashion, wigs for parties, fantasy wigs, wigs for hair loss or simply wigs for a great change of style – instantly! Wigs for parties, parades, shows, theatrical performances, plays, Halloween, Christmas and all occasions and they do not need to cost a fortune and for these reasons are why wigs are still so popular today.

If you’re going to a fancy dress party or just feel like a change in your appearance then a wig is the best option, have fun in a wig, While you can always hire or buy costumes from most fancy dress stores, why not use a bit of imagination and create a look yourself?

Costume wigs are a quick and easy way to transform an everyday hair style their purpose is short-term wear for disguises, parties, and special events. A great selection of fancy dress costumes & wigs, whether it’s for bedroom fun, or parties such as halloween, Christmas or new year.

For younger clubbers the current trends are the our afro wigs, red party wigs, afro wigs, 70′s wigs, bob wigs, flick wigs, beehive wigs, mullet wigs, Cher & Abba wigs and dressing up wigs. TV, Movies & Cartoon Wigs to name a few.

Choosing The Perfect Sexy Costume for Halloween

Halloween is the one day when children get to go to strangers homes and beg for candy.
In most place, the weather on Halloween is a little on the cold side, but this does not mean that Halloween fun is only for kids, or that you cant stay in your nice warm house on All Hallows Eve and indulge in a little grown up fun.

If you have never bought a sexy costume for Halloween before, you may be a little confused as to how to choose one. Some costumes online probably look more like lingerie, while some look like costumes you could wear to an adult only sexy costume party, and probably nowhere else, without halting traffic dead in its tracks that is.

The first thing to consider when choosing a sexy costume is where you are planning to wear it. If you are not going to leave the house, then a harem bikini costume might be perfect. If you are, you may want to opt for a she devil or mermaid costume, but then again, you may not. This leads us to the next factor to consider when choosing a sexy costume, your individual personality.

Are you confident, daring, and possess a little bit of a wild streak? If so, why not try a sexy nurse, French maid, harem or slave girl costume? Are you a little more inhibited? A mermaid costume, or a costume that covers a little more of your body might be more appropriate for you.
Whether you decide to bare a little or a lot of your body really depends on you, because only you know which parts of your body you feel most comfortable showing off or downplaying.

When you decide on a costume, particularly if you are ordering one online, take the time to measure yourself to ensure the right fit. It may take a little longer than just automatically clicking the buy button, but it will save you time, and the hassle of returning a costume, in the long run.

Ultimately, whatever costume you choose should be a reflection of you, your personality, and should make you look your very best at the same time. For more sexy costume ideas, and photos, the Internet is a great resource, and once you find one that you like and are sure of the fit, ordering it is easy and fast.

Great Halloween Party Supplies Make the Fun Even More Fun

What exactly is so wondrous about Halloween?
Is it the chance to scare the dickens out of little people and not get frowned upon for it? As a former teacher, that was always my favorite part; maybe you get a kick out of that, too.

Is it the chance to magically transform yourself into your favorite hero or villain? Of course, costumes are fantastic fun for both kids and adults alike. I am well past trick-or-treating age; in fact, so are my children, but I still love to get all gussied up in a really cool costume every year. Even if I do not have a party to go to, it is still awesome fun to become someone else for a night and lurk behind bushes or wait on the front porch for all the goblins to come hunting their treats.

Is it the chance to get scared silly by weaving your way through the local boy scouts’ haunted house? Whether you scream or just laugh at such antics, the creative hauntings that folks can create to celebrate Halloween can be ridiculously fun and offer adults the chance to have a great time on what some folks mistakenly think of as a kid’s holiday.

All of the above stuff provides great entertainment, but the absolute best way to have fun on Halloween is to throw a party and decorate with really awesome Halloween party supplies.

A Halloween party is one of the easiest kinds of parties to host because your guests provide most of the entertainment by showing up in the required costumes. Whether your party is for kids, grown-ups, or both, all you really need to do is have some games, a costume contest, lots of great food and drink, and – most important of all – really amazing Halloween party supplies and decorations.

Halloween party supplies are easy to find and come in a variety of price ranges. You can go to your local drug store, WalMart, and/or dollar store to find just about anything you could imagine. You can also look online for great Hallween party supplies at bargain prices.

If your house is normally pretty clean, you need to head out and get some artificial spider webs and hang them up in the corners. They usually come complete with some nasty-looking plastic spiders that you can put in them as well. As an added touch of fun, I really like to take one of those plastic spiders and stick it in the punch bowl – what a silly way to laugh like a hyena as people ponder over whether or not to fill up their plastic cups.

And speaking of cups, cups come in all sorts of cool designs for the holiday and make great Halloween party supplies, along with themed plates and napkins. When I was little, my mom and I always used to take the candy we would be giving out and put a few pieces inside a little treat bag. Whether you are having a party or just answering the door, little bags make great Halloween party supplies because there is a little extra thrill when the treat inside is a secret until the bag is opened.

Whatever kind of partying you choose to do this Halloween, make sure you spend a little bit of time and a few bucks to make a big hit with Halloween party supplies.

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